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Hi I'm Kate

I am a girl of many talents, some of which include: 

drinking ALL of the coffee, eating chocolate whether I'm on a diet or not, cuddling the puppies on the couch even though they aren't meant to be on the couch and watching Netflix while I'm working.

I'm also a perfectionist, OCD about being on time and pretty stubborn - but these are the traits that make me an awesome photographer! I also have this thing where I need numbers to end in zero/s... but that is a different story!

I've been working for myself since I was 17 and 14 years later, I still love what I do!



Photo courtesy of Twphotography



Hey there, I'm Nick

I am mostly known for my sarcastic, witty humour & strength -

I am a bodybuilder, powerlifter & strongman, and I’m probably at the gym right now.

I was meant to study engineering at University in Sydney, but instead I played football and then moved to the Sunshine Coast.

And yes, I do have a Dragon Ball Z tattoo on my arm! I also have a batman tattoo on my chest!

Photo courtesy of Twphotography

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