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Um okay, first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! .. again!

I'm sure by now you have had time to relive your amazing day with your new husband/wife and every time someone posts a new photo from the day or brings up a memorable moment you just go in to a little daydream of bein...

End of year dance concerts are one of the most amazing and totally overwhelmingly stressful events on a dance teacher/studio owners calendar.

There is SO MUCH to think about and organise, whether it be costuming, extra rehearsals, choreography... the list is never-endin...

The day that we set our date, I had butterflies in my tummy so bad I had to get my bridesmaids to drive me to a dress fitting!

AND THEN, I barely ate for the next few days and was sick for 3 weeks when we were on holiday in Bali!

As a bride-to-be you are constantly thin...

...over 20 dancers in the room and the youngest was the one that thought she was the best dancer she could be! WHAT?! Why?!?!!

You’ve hired the best photographer to match your style and they are going to be with you all day - you will be photographed more on your wedding day, than any other day of your life and you want to make sure that you are going to LOVE those photos!

Family photography sessions are like shooting stars!

No, not really.

How about a ...

I'll get back to you..

Anyway, the outcome can be stunning!

The end product is an album of beautiful images full of loving memories and the photos are something you and your family can...

I wanted to share with you some of the mistakes that we see dancers make when they jump in front of the camera! (from a photographers point of view, but it will totally relate to the dance teachers out there!)

Isn't it funny that as soon as you get engaged, you automatically become a full blown event planner?! 

*nervous laughter*

Yeah, no, it's not that funny...

In fact, it's kind of terrifying!

Take this picture from my own wedding below for example:

There are ATLEAST seven thin...

You feel your chest move up and down with your breath, and your body just moves. You don't think of anything else, except how your muscles work together to create lines and shapes. You listen to your blood pumping through your veins, and how it matches the music. Y...

I don't know about you, but the idea of trying on wedding dresses and picking JUST ONE, was one of the most daunting aspects of our wedding! 

So I asked the experts; bridal designers and shop owners all around Australia, what tips they would give their brides tryin...

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