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...over 20 dancers in the room and the youngest was the one that thought she was the best dancer she could be! WHAT?! Why?!?!!

I wanted to share with you some of the mistakes that we see dancers make when they jump in front of the camera! (from a photographers point of view, but it will totally relate to the dance teachers out there!)

You feel your chest move up and down with your breath, and your body just moves. You don't think of anything else, except how your muscles work together to create lines and shapes. You listen to your blood pumping through your veins, and how it matches the music. Y...

Let me begin this post with saying that I was IN NO STINKING WAY, the best or most graceful dancer back in the day.

I did not look like "I was born for the stage" unless it was musical theatre.

I was fairly flexible because of a background in gymnastics, but dancing did...

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