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Ac Browser Plus Free Edition



Ac Browser Plus is a file manager for windows, with image viewer&converter, FTP client, file finder, and encryption/compression tools. The only difference is that the free version can't have more than 3 browse windows opened at a time. Here are some key features of "Ac Browser Plus Free Edition Crack Keygen": · Integrated FTP client · Adding comments to files and directories. A comment in Ac Browser Plus is a short text, which you can see in the corresponding column in the main window list, or by moving the mouse on a Hot Point � a small red rectangle on each icon. A comment is moved when file is moved, copied, when file is copied, and deleted, when file is deleted. In other words, behaves like a usual file property. Comments can be also added to a directory. They are also compressed with files into the zip archive and extracted from archives. · ACFAT : find a file in a second! This service can index a chosen drive, and so you can query this index in a second. · Quick view. After pressing F3, you can view text, image and multimedia files. You can also convert images to another type (supported jpg, png, tiff, gif, bmp, pcx, ico), change the resolution and number of colors. Also, snice version 2.0 of ACB, you can convert images directly from the list window. Simply press Alt+Shift+A, when focus in on image file. · Editorial Renaming - rename files with ease. · Mass Renaming - Rename bunch of files with a few clicks : Mass renaming tool · 'Calculating folders space' mode - so you can see how much disk space is used by every folder. · Built-in strong encryption (Rijndael) - encrypting files · Queuing file operations · Zip as folders, packing, unpacking with ease. Searching in archives, and in nested archives (archive in archive). About working with archives here, about File Finder here. · Multi Window Interface. · The font size, color, and other font specifications can be defined by the user, separately for every file's extension. So documents may be shown brown, music files blue with light-blue shadow and bold font. · Hot Point � a small red rectangle on each file shows you the file properties, and quick view (images and text). · Integrated FTP client ·

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