One Tree Hill Virgin's | Sunshine Coast Photographer

Now that I have your attention! Meet Melanie & Joel, two months away from bring Mr & Mrs!

Melanie & Joel | Maleny, Sunshine Coast | Engagement Session

This is the second time I've photographed these two, and this session was a thousand times more fun than the last. One Tree Hill in Maleny, was Mel's first choice of location, and no - we aren't talking about the TV show.. to be honest though, how awesome would it be to go there and meet Chad Michael Murray! Do you think Joel looks a bit like him actually?

Getting back on topic, this is one of the most sought after photo locations on the Sunshine Coast, particularly for weddings, so we thought we were going to have to fight off some bridezilla's for the perfect shot on a Saturday afternoon in March. Luckily for us, only ONE newlywed couple came in the hour that we were there, and we pretty much just admired her funky tattoos and his awesome beard!

This was my first time up here, I actually got a bit lost trying to find the entry to the property! Honestly though, I've driven past this driveway atleast 5 times in the last few months, if not more!!! It's pretty much my new favourite location, I totally understand the hype!! How beautiful does the hinterland look?!

We actually had to move our session earlier in the day because, as we all know it - Sunshine Coast; beautiful one day, sunny the next... unless you have a photoshoot planned and then the chances of a severe thunderstorm are on par with the humidity!