How to take the Perfect Headshot | Photography Guide #pointeshootlovemethod

I shared a post on Instagram about "how to take the 'perfect' headshot or selfie" and we got so much love from it, we thought it was blog worthy!

Whether you are photographing with a phone or you are a photographer this will apply to you! So whether your client is a dancer, actor, kid or bride, the perfect headshot is an essential tool to ALL photography sessions!

You need to be able to nail it every time!


Because it will make them feel amazing; and is there no better feeling then when your client not only LOVES their photos, but feels beautiful because of something YOU did!

So how do you take the perfect headshot?

This is something I actually feel I mastered quite a few years ago - I was working at a glamour portrait studio; sometimes I struggled with the small studio space and all the equipment so I would get up nice and close to our clients and photograph the hell out of their face... this angle, that angle, light here, light there... I had each client's face photographed so heavily from top to bottom and side to side, that it became my signature thing!

So here is a quick guide to the #pointeshootlovemethod of taking the perfect headshot:

First off, let's take 5 minutes to have a chat to the client, genuinely asking about them, their day, how they are feeling etc and let's LISTEN to their answers. Take a few test shots during this time, but don't give any direction.

Secondly, KNOW why they are having the photos done! Understand the difference between whether they WANT the photos, whether they NEED them or if it's a bit of both. Appreciate that regardless, it is equally important. Lastly, we give a few simple, sometimes vague, directions to get that perfect shot!

For example:

"Tilt your chin down" to the left or right, your the photographer - you pick, and angle the camera at or above the eyeline - if they are male below eyeline is fine; we usually tell our clients to "take a deep breath in and then breath out with lips apart, and to do this while you stare right down the barrel of the lens," depending on the style of shoot we add in "with a little sass or with a little smile!"

Here is a shot where we followed that exact guide...

Now obviously each person is different! You might ask them to smile instead, or - our favourite - "laugh at the ground."

Have a go with your next client and post your photos below of how the #pointeshootlovemethod worked for you!

- Until next time xx