Keep Calm, Only 1 Week Until Your Wedding!

EEEeeeeee trying to stay calm the week before you get married may just be the hardest thing ever! How do you contain all that excitement (and stress)!?!

This can be one of the most stressful times leading up to your wedding! Many brides work right up until a day or so before which means that you are trying to make sure that all the little details are coming together, picking guests up from the airport, making extra time to see family members, picking up and dropping off decorations etc, going to last minute meetings, and trying to continue work life like you aren’t co-ordinating a wedding!

Take a deep breath. Here are a few tips!

Make sure to delegate some jobs to your bridesmaids, mum, brother, groom… anyone who is willing and able.

Don’t forget to eat well in these last few days leading up to your wedding either! You could end up sick, or loose weight for your dress!

Try to be as organised as possible with our checklist below of things you might have forgotten!


__ Touch base with accommodations for girls & boys and find out the details for checking in etc

__ Pack a bag for night before the wedding AND night of the wedding

__ Collect everything that you might need to drop to the venue the day before and put in a basket (easy to carry)

__ Touch base with all your wedding vendors and ask any last minute questions and see if they need anything else from you

__ Ensure you have ABSOLUTELY everything for yourself for the wedding day - dress, shoes, underwear, accessories, robe etc

__ Remind your bridesmaids to bring suitable underwear, and the groomsmen (and maybe even the groom) about underwear and socks

__ Go get a massage if you feel a bit stressed!

Everything will come together, try not to stress! Breathe and enjoy!

Until next time xx