Bride Guide: From Me to You! Scheduling

In July 2017, Nick & I got married and we became Mr & Mrs Dimakis!

(Photo courtesy of Luke Middlemiss Photography)

It was a truly beautiful winter's day in Maleny; our stunning venue, Weddings at Tiffany's, had the most spectacular view of the Glasshouse Mountains, and we were surrounded by our closest family and friends to celebrate the day. And it was FREEZING!

Our day ran SUPER smoothly and I would put that down to the fact that I am 100% OCD about timing! Like I'm not even kidding... I have a problem with numbers, and that problem is that I NEED TO KNOW THEM!

(stay tuned for a 'budgeting' blog!)

I'm also super organised and had a timeline printed out and given to every single bridesmaid and groomsmen and anyone else I felt needed it!

Yes, I have a problem.

No, I have not been tested for said problem.

But this problem is about to work in your favour as I explain how to schedule your day, so that is a stress-free day!


Okay so as a Bride & a Photographer, I'll tell you the truth.

You need to get your shit together and know what is going on, you need to know what you want from your photographer AND what you want on your wedding day.

No one likes a bride who has NO IDEA what is going on; no idea when the florist is arriving and no idea whether she wants to wear the pink earrings or the blue ones (or the green or the purple, or the dangly or the studs!).

p.s. it's okay to have like 2 options but not 5

Seriously though, use a guide like this to organise everything, even if you aren't having it all photographed, and then give it to your Maid of Honour or a Bridesmaid and put them in charge of making sure everything is running on time!

"Getting Ready" Photos

Bride/Bridesmaids - you need to give yourself enough time to be photographed AFTER the hair & makeup is finished, you don’t want to be stressed!

We suggest to allow 45-90 minutes (MINIMUM) for photos once your hair & makeup is completely ready.

This means if you need to leave at 2pm to get to the venue, we need to start taking photos 12.30/1pm!

If you don’t know how long hair & makeup will take, ask your stylists, they should have an approximate time per person.

Ask your bridesmaids to hang your dress up, with shoes underneath it and have any special accessories or details laid out to be photographed!

*"Why does it take so long?!" you ask; it doesn't, that is literally how long it will take you to get dressed. You will be nervous, so will your bridesmaids - who have to help dress you, put your shoes on, make sure you don't fall over and we have to document it all! Plus there is always something that is forgotten! And then ofcourse we want to take actual portraits of everyone together before you leave for the ceremony!