Bride Guide: From Me to You! Saying YES to your Dress

I don't know about you, but the idea of trying on wedding dresses and picking JUST ONE, was one of the most daunting aspects of our wedding!

So I asked the experts; bridal designers and shop owners all around Australia, what tips they would give their brides trying to find that magical dress! And I think they are spot on!

Read their 7 tips to saying YES to the Dress below:

1. Be open minded and let the shop help you. A great bridal shop will be able to find a gown to suit the bride and the budget.

2. Too many opinions get confusing. Take a person - or 2 - that you trust completely to be honest but to also let the bride be herself.

3. If you have tried things on and you have made decisions about things you do/ don't like, share that with the store person. That way they can do their job better.

4. It seems like an obvious one, but please practice good hygiene, wear "appropriate" undies and bring shoes if you already have them!

5. Know what you want to spend - don't put on a $7000 gown if you can't afford that much - even if it's your Mum's idea (unless of course she is going to pay the extra), and be realistic - if you only have $500-$1000 you won't get something that is head to two lace and bling (sample sales are the best time to shop for this)

6. IF buying online, make sure you order months in advance incase of a delay in shipping, postage or alterations are needed.

7. Once you make your choice STOP SHOPPING

At the end of the day YOU will know, when you put the gown on, if it is for you - if you don't feel it, it's not your gown!

We hope this has been helpful for any future brides out there! Leave us some love below if it helped! And don't forget to visit our website to go in the draw to WIN a free engagement session!!!

Until next time xxx

Kate & Nick