Bride Guide: From Me to You! Things You NEED to start doing RIGHT NOW as a Bride-to-be!!

The day that we set our date, I had butterflies in my tummy so bad I had to get my bridesmaids to drive me to a dress fitting!

AND THEN, I barely ate for the next few days and was sick for 3 weeks when we were on holiday in Bali!

As a bride-to-be you are constantly thinking about whether the colours will match, how to set up the reception room, have you forgotten to invite someone... And it is stressful

I've put together a small list of things you need to get on top of RIGHT NOW to help you from becoming a bridezilla....

okay lets be honest, these might not stop you from becoming a bridezilla - all brides are entitled to a 'moment' - but this might help you be a bridechilla on your wedding day!



Start your beauty regime RIGHT NOW!

It doesn't matter if you only just got engaged or if your wedding is in 3 months, you need to make sure your skin is beautiful and healthy.

Moisturise every day, if not twice a day. Get a monthly facial. If you are totally clueless, go and see a beauty therapist and ask for help.


Your hair has always been nice to you, so be nice back RIGHT NOW.

Give it a hair mask or treatment every few weeks, go and get the split ends cut off and start talking to your hairdresser about what you are thinking for you wedding, whether it is the colour or style, they know your hair and would be able to give you good suggestions.


NO I don't mean diet... I will never mean DIET. Nutrition is so important for brides because:

it keeps you healthy!

You want to have beautiful glowing skin on your wedding day, but you also want to be able to walk down the aisle without sniffling and without passing out.

Eat all the wonderful healthy foods that are available to you, and try to limit junk food and alcohol intake, if for no other reason than - it can lower your immune system and make you sick.

Nourish your body, RIGHT NOW!


Get your body moving RIGHT NOW!

Exercising releases endorphins, go to the gym.

Being outside in the fresh air, can relax your mind and body, go for a walk. Find an adults dance class, get your bridesmaids to go to crossfit.

Whatever your jam is, you want to get your body moving, not so you can lose weight, but so you can do something other than stress about wedding planning!

Plus it never hurt to work on that booty a bit more!

Relaxation & de-stress

This one is HUGE and you need to start RIGHT NOW!