Bride Guide: From Me to You! What happens to your wedding photos after the wedding?

Um okay, first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! .. again! I'm sure by now you have had time to relive your amazing day with your new husband/wife and every time someone posts a new photo from the day or brings up a memorable moment you just go in to a little daydream of being back in "wedding day mode!"

This friend, is your wedding bubble, try to live there for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! Because it is so lovely and mushy and it is the best feeling!

When we photograph a wedding we try to give lots of sneak peeks to our couples, and we also space them out from the day after their wedding right up until delivery day - just to keep your bubble going!

So just how long should it take for you to receive your wedding photos?!

If you are one of our awesome wedding couples we give you two timeframes.

The first is in our contract where it states that the photos will be delivered within 60 days (two months) from your wedding date! However the second timeframe we give you is a more personalised estimate on or just after your wedding day, which is when we usually tell you it will more than likely be max 4 weeks! SURPRISE!

That's a bit sneaky, I know, but the truth is that we received our wedding photos at the 3-4 week point after our wedding and we were still on our honeymoon and it was amazing! And we want our clients to feel just as amazing and awesome as they truly are!

**If you had someone else photograph your wedding, please make sure you check your contract to see how long your photos should take and don't be afraid to ask and follow up with your photographer!**

So I'm going to break down our process just so you know where we are at in preparing your wedding photos!

Day after the wedding - find all of my favourites and then share them all with my awesome couple!!!

Week 1 - "Culling" - We go through and we select the BEST shots from the thousands that were taken. Often we only leave out the photos that are not in focus and where people are blinking or have super weird faces... we try to keep funny faces in!

Week 2 - "Sorting" - Probably self explanatory, but our next step is to sort the photos in to chronological folders of how the day went and then make sure the images are named in that order! This is also when we will go back through the photos and make sure there are no double ups of the same photos etc

Week 3 - "Editing" - Folder by folder, image by image - because yes, we look at and edit each individual photo! Colour correction, cropping, presets, photoshop, lightroom etc etc lots of big photography related words, trust us - we know what we are doing and this is actually one of the most fun parts of getting your photos ready!

*Sometimes this phase will take extra time if you had a longer photography package and two photographers**

Week 4 - "Delivery" - Yay we have finally finished editing your photos! Now we upload them to our online gallery - sometimes our internet decided to be R.. E.. A.. L.. slow at this point! But as soon as they are all uploaded, we blast our social media account with excited delivery posts and then send you the most amazing email..