How to 'work' or 'study' from home: Do's & Don'ts! #pointeshootlovemetho

Hi I'm Kate and I've been studying or working from home since 2008! I have completed my Diploma of Photography online and have done lots of small courses at home, and I have been working for myself since I was 17 and have always worked at home...

It has taken me a looooong time to work out how to actually do the work in a productive way, and now is probably the best time to share that with everyone!

DO: Have an "office" space

#protip somewhere with natural light and air will be help you actually get stuff done.

DON'T: "Work" from the bed or couch

DO: Set yourself a really flexible daily schedule. For example, I get up between 6.30am-7am and am "at the office" by 9am and I make sure I turn the computer off by 6pm - this is pretty similar to when I actually have to leave the house for work for photoshoots.

DON'T: Give up on the day if you sleep in

#protip find out what time of day you are most productive! I prefer to work in the morning while Nick prefers afternoon & evening.

DO: Get ready for "work" the same as you would if you were actually going to an office with other people! This means showering and getting dressed as a minimum... day pyjamas are optional. DON'T: Get distracted "before work" on the couch by early morning breakfast shows

DO: Make sure you take your coffee and lunch breaks. Coffee is important.

#protip It is okay to leave the house for coffee breaks or to walk the dogs or to get some sun while you are working from home because unlike if you were at the office or at school YOU ARE NOT TRAPPED HERE AND GOVERNED BY A TEACHER OR BOSS

**unless you are in quarantine or self isolating because of COVID-19... probably not a good idea to venture too far from the house...**

DON'T: Start watching Tiger King in your lunch break... you will binge watch the WHOLE SEASON

DO: Listen to music or the radio.

#protip Listening to podcasts helps keep me motivated if I'm having problems staying focused.

DON'T: Have a tab open with social media for easy access!

Show us your working from home fails #pointeshootlovemethod

Until next time x