Bride Guide: From Me to You! Checklist

Isn't it funny that as soon as you get engaged, you automatically become a full blown event planner?! 


*nervous laughter*


Yeah, no, it's not that funny...


In fact, it's kind of terrifying!


Take this picture from my own wedding below for example:


There are ATLEAST seven things that had to be organised for this to come together!!!!


Dress, flowers, nails, ring, something blue, something borrowed and something old!

(YES I ticked off those 3 things in this one photo! #winning)


(Photo courtesy of Luke Middlemiss Photography)



My tip to you: dear, sweet, innocent bride-to-be....




You will feel way better for it, and you won't end up being a stressy, anxious bride!


*p.s. eat as much chocolate as you want!*


Anyway, I have put together a checklist for you, of what was on my list!


Now I did try to put it in order of what to do first, but you know,... you do you!



Kate's Bride-to-Be Wedding checklist




Well I'm sure I've forgotten heaps, but I hope this helps you! 


Leave some love below in the comments if it did help, even just a teeny tiny bit!!




Until next time xx







Kate & Nick

Pointe Shoot Love Photography

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography




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