Dancers: Being a confident dancer

Sometimes I take time out of my non work scheduled day, and I go and sit in on dance classes or workshops. Yes I take my camera, but I also use it as a good opportunity to learn as a teacher myself, and also just for fun, because I do love all aspects of dance!

In one of the last workshops I was sitting in on, the choreographer asked the students "Who thinks they are the best dancer in this room?"


The choreographer and his assistant (and myself) were pretty shocked.

He then asked, "Who thinks they are the best dancer THEY COULD BE?"

An 8 year old girl was the only one to put her hand up.

Out of over 20 dancers in the room - from 8-18, only the youngest was the one that thought she was the best she could be.

WHAT?!?! Why?!

Because these dancers were incredible. They ARE incredible.

The Sunshine Coast as THE MOST AMAZING dance talent.

We heard answers like "there is always going to be someone better than me" "I never place first" "I don't have good feet" Who cares!

As a dancer, you need to believe in yourself, it doesn't matter if you are the worst dancer in the class or the best. Have the attitude that you are the best you could be.

(without being arrogant and rude) Work the hardest that you can.

Don't compare yourself to others, because no one is the same as you!

No other person has lived the exact life you have so take it in your jete stride and work to YOUR best

Be the best you and know that you have and are always trying to better yourself.

That's all any dance teacher, parent, loved one could ask for.

If you are a dancer, I want you to comment below 3 things that make you an amazing dancer.

If you don't want to share, that's fine, just think of them.

What are 3 things that make you, unique you, the best dancer you could be, in this moment??

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Until next time x