DANCE: 5 differences between a Photo Day & Photo Shoot!

Today we are sharing 5 reasons why a dance school ‘photo day’ is different to an individual ‘photoshoot’

p.s. we love both options!

Okay but first, the closest thing I had to a photoshoot or a photo day when I was young and dancing was my point and shoot camera sitting on a chair, with the timer set, which then involved me running back from the chair to try and get the pose at the same time the timer would go off! Maybe that's why my timing is so good now lol!

When I started taking photos of dancers I vowed that my mission in life would be 'to give dancers the photos I never had the opportunity to have!'

**photo day VS photo shoot**

1: Okay so at a Dance School Photo Day we photograph (close to) every single dancer from the dance school... in every single concert costume they have... both individually and as a routine group!

At a photoshoot we photograph 1 dancer!

**photo day at our studio**

2: An individual photoshoot is one on one for at least an hour whereas at a photo day, we generally have 10-15 minutes for individual and group photos per group routine **by the way, this is not rushed for us because we all shoot fast but if we have to go over time to get the shots we will**

**photo day**

3: Individual photoshoots are held either at our studio or at a location chosen by the dancer, but a photo day is typically held at the dance studio to make it easy for all the parents and dancers. This means the backdrop for a photo day will look different from a photoshoot because we have to set up a portable studio that works best for the group photos as well as the individuals and duos/trios shots.

**photo shoots**

4: Posing for a photo day is generally organised by the dance teacher in advance and practiced with the dancers, otherwise we give suggestions but we have to make sure that they are poses that every single child from the class will be able to do.

Posing for a photoshoot is done on the spot and we have the opportunity to work out what the dancer is capable of, and then we push those capabilities! **side note: we encourage dancers at photo days to show us jumps and kicks and tricks in addition to the pose the teachers have given them so that if they cannot get to an individual photoshoot they can still have photos of them doing these amazing things!**

**photo day VS photo shoot**

5: Photo day photos are often perfectly timed for Christmas presents for family and friends. Photoshoot photos are typically used for portfolios and auditions, or for fun ofcourse. Both types of photos are great for frames and canvases and keepsakes of beautiful dance memories - none of which I have from when I danced and I totally wish I did!

Despite some big differences both a photo shoot and a dance school photo day are good opportunities for a dancer to be photographed in their dance costumes, doing what they love! And we LOVE being able to capture that for them!

**photo shoot at a location VS photo day VS photo shoot in our studio**

Until next time!

Keep dancing xx

p.s. you can book a photoshoot session at the link below!