How to be Candid on Cue - 7 Tips to Look Natural in Photos | Sunshine Coast Photographer

Whether it be at a family session or your wedding day, being camera shy is a thing and it can be the difference between an alright photo and the most incredible image that you love and want to plaster all over facebook, instagram and your house!

So how do you actually 'act' natural and candid pretty much on cue?!

We've put together 7 tips below!

1. Breathe! Nerves can get the best of everyone, so if you're super stressed, just breathe, look away from the camera and have a moment, we'll wait!

2. When in doubt, laugh. Nervous laughs, belly laughs, fake laughs, we love them all. Make each other laugh, make yourself laugh, just don't be afraid to laugh!

3. Talk to each other. We might not take any photos but it will help you settle into a groove... We will probably take photos.

4. Interact! Don't be afraid to hug and kiss and touch! If you feel like you need to kiss the girl you just married, that's totally fine! If you feel like nuzzling your newborn, we won't stop you! Do what you feel!

5. Don't forget to smile! This is obvious.. But we don't want fake smiles, so think about what is making you happy right in the moment of the photo session, and that will bring out the real smiles!

6. Follow your photographers instructions. I know this one seems obvious, but sometimes we yell out stuff like "look at the water," "laugh at the ground," "kiss her chin," and no matter how silly it seems, and yes, we know how silly it will seem, its the reaction to doing something silly that we want.. unless you actually want a photo of someone kissing your chin?!

7. Don't forget to have fun regardless of how nervous or camera shy you are!

18+ only tip - have a sneaky wine or beer if the occasion calls for it!

True interaction is the key to natural photos, when you feel unhindered by a camera, that's when we can capture you in the best shot!

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