Bride Guide: From Me to You! 3 Tips to LOVING your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day is the probably going to be the most AMAZING day of your life! You’ve spent months, if not years, planning everything perfectly and it’s finally all come together!

You’ve hired the best photographer to match your style and they are going to be with you all day - you will be photographed more on your wedding day, than any other day of your life and you want to make sure that you are going to LOVE those photos!

Ofcourse your photographer will give you poses and direction throughout the day, but we’ve put together 3 little extra tips to think about, so you absolutely LOVE your photos!

1: try to stand up straight and have good posture! Shoulders back, boobs up, tummy in! Trust me!!

2: choose a dress that matches your body, regardless of whether it’s the dress you’ve always dreamed of - it needs to be flattering on you! And please, NO hitching... ever!!

3: and this one might seem obvious - SMILE. Enjoy the day, and let it show on your face! Be happy, have fun and don’t be afraid to laugh and let all the emotions show!

Even if we are not your wedding photographers, make sure to tell your photographer if you have any nerves, comments or questions about the photos!

Simple comments like - 'I don't like to see my double chin' or 'I have a lazy eye on the left' - make our job a lot easier when creating images you will love!!!

Until next time xx


Kate & Nick

Pointe Shoot Love Photography

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