Dancers: What do you think of when you dance?

What do you think of when you dance?

Whether it is in ballet class, in your bedroom or at a sleepover with your besties; I can almost guarantee that, even if it is for a split second, your mind goes blank.

Like, lightbulb off, can't see anything, total blackness, blank.

Shut your eyes. Take a deep breath. Press play to the music.

For a split second, nothing is on your mind; you forget your school assignments, the fight you had with your mum, the breakup with that guy and just absolutely everything is gone.

Breathe out. Open your eyes. Dance.

You feel your chest move up and down with your breath, and your body just moves.

You don't think of anything else, except how your muscles work together to create lines and shapes.

You listen to your blood pumping through your veins, and how it matches the music.

You immerse yourself in the dance,

It's euphoric. And incredible. You feel free.

Since the age of 12, my 'happy' place, has been the dance studio. And it still is.

I did lots of other sports; netball, gymnastics, tennis, swimming - but I never had the same feeling, as when I was dancing.

Because there is NO other feeling that compares.

My dance studio was my second home.

I made friends with dancers who, like me, would rather spend their weekend at the studio then the beach. We would "hang out" at the studio before, in between and after classes. And we would choreograph routines, just for fun!

I would make sure I was "well groomed" from head to toe, so that when I turned up to class I was ready to go... even though I HATED (and still hate) having my hair pulled back.

I practiced EVERYTHING and tried to genuinely apply the corrections my teachers were giving me.

And though I was never "the best," I ALWAYS tried my hardest.

Because as soon as I walked through the studio doors, that was

ALL I had to do.