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I'm a hopeless romantic, I believe in spontaneous surprises, candles and weekends away. I still think a phone call is better than a text message, a card is the best way to say how you feel and a ring is only worn on your left hand to symbolise eternal love.

I can't say 'I've imagined my wedding day - what it would look like, what dress I would wear, the colour scheme - since I was a little girl,' but I definitely imagined the feeling..

The feeling that - to one man, I was it, I was his forever, "stop looking I've found her" feeling. And to get married to him - I would feel like a princess, but look like a queen, and I would stand up in front of my parents and my bestest of friends and say, "this is him, the one I will love forever." The feeling of being so in love with the hunky man standing in front of you, who is now your husband; it would be like fireworks going off in your belly (just to clarify, this would be excitement not gas)! And we would kiss, as if no one else was in the room, we would dance, as if floating on the clouds and we would celebrate with those friends and family, we hold dearest. There would be laughing, and crying and after, we would cherish that day, like no other.

And to me... that's the feeling I'll always want to capture.


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We have lots of different package options, with our most popular coverage being 6 hours - we can also do customised quotes to suit you!




*a non refundable booking fee must be paid to confirm your wedding photography!*


We have a clean, colourful, documentary style of photography, where we try not to pose you, but rather, we instigate candid moments between you!


There is always lots of laughing, there has been snorting, some tears but most of all lots of love. 


We have lots of examples of work across our website, facebook and instagram, but feel free to contact us and we can send you even more!

Ofcourse we want you to love the style of our photography, but it is also SO important to like us - your photographers, because you spend A LOT of time with your photographers on your wedding day and we want you to have the best day! That is what is most imporant to us!

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Redcliffe Wedding Photographer
Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer
Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer
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